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General Info

-All games will be played in accordance with USA Hockey rules. -All teams must be rostered with USA Hockey, Hockey Canada or the appropriate IIHF affiliate. -All eligible players must be entered on the first game score sheet (Maximum 20 players including 3 goaltenders). -A player must participate in at least 1 game during the Round Robin portion of the tournament to be eligible for the playoff round. -Teams are required to bring their official team roster, as well as their travel permit (if required by their governing body) to each game. -All teams are guaranteed 4 games. -Your team's registration is not confirmed until full payment is received. -Each team should be ready to play 15 minutes PRIOR to their scheduled start times without any advanced warning. If games are early we will stay up to 15 minutes early. -Rosters must be submitted via EventConnect and uploaded to Gamesheet inc 30 days prior to start of tournament. -All divisions follow the birth year for age verification. -Minor Midget teams may have Midget players as long as the majority of the team is Minor Midget. (This rule only applies for the Minor Midget Division) -Teams must be prepared to play Friday morning. Reserving a hotel room Thursday evening is advised. -Sunday championship games should be complete by 5:00 pm. -Schedule will be released 14 days prior to the tournament start date. -No Protests will be accepted. -Every team must dress a minimum of players in accordance with USAH rules. -There is a gate fee at all rinks.

Game Rules

-USA Hockey Rules will be followed. -All preliminary round games as well as playoffs will be three periods. In the event of a goal spread of 5 or more goals in the 3rd period it will be run time until such point the goal spread becomes 3 or less. Period lengths for the preliminary round games are as follows: 2004 age groups are 12-15-15 minute stop time. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 age groups are 12-12-15 minute stop time. 2009, 2010 age groups are 12-12-15 minute stop time. -THERE WILL BE A TWO MINUTE PRE GAME WARM-UP FOR ALL GAMES. THE TIMEKEEPER WILL PLACE AN ADDITIONAL 3 MINUTES ON THE CLOCK FOR THE FIRST PERIOD. THE REFEREE WILL BLOW THE WHISTLE AFTER 2 MINUTES. THE TEAMS THEN MUST BE READY TO PLAY BY THE TIME THE CLOCK HITS GAME TIME AS THE TIME WILL CONTINUE TO RUN WHEN THE PUCK DROPS AND WON’T STOP UNTIL THE FIRST WHISTLE. -Pre-game warm-ups will be two minutes. -There will be no discussion on coaches’ ejections from games. -Any Match Penalty will be subject to automatic expulsion from the tournament with director’s decision being final. -Minor penalties will be 2 minutes and Major penalties will be 5 minutes for all games. -There is no overtime during round robin play. Any game which ends with the score being tied will be entered as a tie for both teams. -2 line passes will be in accordance with USAH rules. -Offside will be in accordance with USAH rules. -Time outs are not permitted during round robin play. Each team is permitted the use of one, 30-second timeout during playoff games. -No Body Contact will be permitted except at the 2004, 2005 and 2006 age groups. -Slaps shots are not allowed in accordance with USAH rules at the squirt/atom level. Slapshots are allowed at the peewee level and above. -Match penalties are subject to suspension from all USAH functions pending the outcome of a hearing held by their local governing body. -Mouthpieces and neck guards must be worn if your governing body requires their use. -The committee reserves itself the final word on the interpretation of the rules.

Scoring/Game Format

-All divisions will be scored 2 points for a regulation win, 1 point for a tie, and 0 points for a regulation loss. -A defaulted game result will be 1-0 for the winning team and 0–6 result for the losing team. -Any forfeited games will be recorded as a 1-0 score. Any forfeited games affecting another team's playoff status, may be reviewed by the tournament director to determine which teams advance beyond preliminary round play. -All games played by a disqualified team will be forfeited. No monies will be refunded. -For the purpose of score calculations any team winning by more than 6 goals, a maximum of 6 will be used for calculating the goal percentage. E.g. A team wins 10-1 the score will be entered as 7-1 for the method of calculating the best differential formula as outlined below. -Use of ineligible players will disqualify a team from the tournament.


-Playoff period lengths are as follows: The period lengths for all quarter finals in all age groups are 10-10-12 for all age groups. The period lengths for semi-finals in all age groups are 10-10-15 minutes all stop time. The Finals for 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 age groups will be 15-15-15 min stop time periods and 2009 and 2010 will be 12-12-15 min stop time periods. -During the playoffs, in the result of a tie, it will result in 3 on 3 for five minutes of stop time. If the score is still tied after OT the teams will enter a shootout of 3 players. Teams must submit 3 different players. If the shootout is tied after 3 shooters, it will result in a sudden death shootout. Teams must use ALL players before a player can be repeated. -Each team is permitted the use of one, 30-second timeout during playoff games.


-Tie Breakers after Round Robin Play Points for Regulation Win = 2 Pts, Tie = 1.0 Pts, and Zero Pts for a Regulation Loss. If 2 teams are tied in points, the following order applies to determine the ranking of teams: 1. Head-to-Head. 2. Most Games Won. 3. Best differential Formula = Goals For / (Goals For + Goals Against) (When applying this formula, the maximum goal differential in any game shall be no greater than 6.) 4. Least Goals Against. 5. Most Goals For. 6. Least Penalty minutes during the tournament. 7. Flip of a coin. In the case where more than 2 teams are tied in points, the above order applies to determine the ranking of teams: (The tied teams will go through each tie breaker until ONE team is determined the winner; Ex. If no team is determined ahead of all other teams after Tie Breaker #1, then it will move on to Tie Breaker #2, etc.). ​ All teams must apply to the tiebreaker for the tiebreaker to be applicable. (Ex. 3 or more teams tied in points move to the second tie breaker: “Head-to-Head”. If ALL teams have NOT played each other then the head to head tiebreaker cannot be applied moving on to tiebreaker 3.) Teams who play each other in the round robin will not play each other in the first round of playoffs.​ Playoff Re-seeding:THERE IS NO RESEEDING AFTER QTRS. ​

Respect in Sport

Tournament Directors Tharindra De Silva & Todd Tverberg hold the final decision on ALL matters not covered above. Please respect the referees at all times, should you have a situation you would like to discuss concerning a particular individual, we have appointed a referee in chief who is available to you, they do not have the power to change a referees decision. However, we have advised our refereeing staff to treat coaches with respect and they will expect the same in return. They will not exercise any patience when being sworn, screamed or gestured at any time.


2004: 3 teams advance, 1st place Bye, 2nd vs. 3rd Semi 2005: 4 teams advance, Top 2 in each of the 2 pools, 1st through 4th 2006: 8 teams advance, Top 2 in each of the 3 pools and 2 wild cards, 1st through 8th 2007: 8 teams advance, Top 2 in each of the 3 pools and 2 wild cards, 1st through 8th 2008: 8 teams advance, 1st place in each of the 4 pools and 4 wild cards, 1st through 8th 2009: 8 teams advance, 1st place in each of the 4 pools and 4 wild cards, 1st through 8th 2010: 4 teams advance, 1st place in each of the 2 pools and 2 wild cards, 1st through 4th

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